BKCIANDRE: Leaders in Ceramic Tables and Custom Cabinets Since 1996

Since its founding in the year 1996, BKCIANDRE has now an international market leader in the furniture for homes business, known for its premium ceramic tables and custom-designed kitchen cabinets. With a strong eye on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction BKCIANDRE has grown to be a top brand for interior designers, homeowners and architects looking for top-of-the-line kitchen furniture and contemporary designs. This article focuses on the expertise of the company’s manufacturing designs, designing, and global partnerships, highlighting the reasons why BKCIANDRE is unique from the crowd of furniture for homes.

Expertise in Manufacturing

The manufacturing expertise of BKCIANDRE is founded on its dedication to quality and attention to the smallest of details. It utilizes cutting-edge technology and top-quality materials to make furniture that not just meets but surpasses the expectations of customers. Thier Collection is available on bkciandre.com Their tables made of ceramic for example, are made using high-quality porcelain slabs that are sourced from both local and Italian manufacturers. This means that every piece is not just visually appealing but also long-lasting and practical.

The process used to manufacture the products at BKCIANDRE employs cutting-edge technologies which include precise cutting and finishing that produce flawless, seamless products. Ceramic tables are designed to be able to be extended, allowing flexibility and comfort for homes of the present. Furthermore, the use of TIGER Drylac powder-painted aluminium for table bases gives you lightweight durability with superior resistance to corrosion and simple maintenance. This combination of top-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing methods demonstrates BKCIANDRE’s dedication to excellence and long-term durability.

Design Excellence of BKCIANDRE

Design is the primary focus of the BKCIANDRE product range. The design philosophy of the company is based on blending modern design with functional, resulting in furniture that increases the aesthetics and functionality of every space. The BKCIANDRE team of designers are skilled at recognizing the current trends in interior design and incorporating them into their furniture.

The kitchen cabinets that can be customized by BKCIANDRE are proof of their design skills. The cabinets come in a broad variety of styles, colours and finishes that allow homeowners to customize their kitchens according to their individual preferences. No matter if you want a modern minimalist kitchen or a more traditional layout, BKCIANDRE’s cabinets are the ideal balance of functionality and style. Particular features like the use of noise-reducing materials as well as customized shelving options make the cabinets more appealing which makes these cabinets not only attractive but also extremely practical.

The table collections of ceramics comprising those from Long Island, Sanqi, and Manta, along with the Toban collection, have been created to match various styles of interiors. These tables aren’t merely furniture pieces but rather statement pieces that can enhance the overall appearance of a space. The refined design, paired with the strength of aluminium and porcelain slab bases, make them a popular option for customers who are discerning around the world.

BKCIANDRE’s Global Partnerships

BKCIANDRE’s success is due partly to its international strategic collaborations. BKCIANDRE has a strong relationship with top designers, manufacturers and other suppliers across the globe, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of technological advancement and quality. These relationships allow them to acquire the highest quality materials and incorporate a variety of designs in their designs.

One of the most important elements of BKCIANDRE’s global alliances is its commitment to sustainability. BKCIANDRE works closely with partners who are committed to a sustainable environment. This includes using environmentally friendly materials and adopting sustainable manufacturing methods. This way, BKCIANDRE not only reduces its environmental footprint but also provides products that are sustainable and safe for its customers.

Additionally, these international collaborations also allow them to comprehend and meet the varied needs of a global audience. By incorporating design elements of different regions and cultures, BKCIANDRE creates furniture that will appeal to a broad range of styles and tastes. This international strategy has allowed the company to create a loyal customer base across all continents.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At BKCIANDRE, our customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing. BKCIANDRE is committed to offering products that are of the most exacting standards of craftsmanship and quality. This is evident in the positive reviews and regular business from customers all over the globe. BKCIANDRE’s approach to customer service is based on understanding the individual requirements and preferences of every customer and providing customized solutions to enhance their living spaces.

Starting with a consultation until installing the furniture, they assures an effortless and pleasant customer experience. The team of experts work closely with clients to help them understand their goals and bring them to life by meticulously crafting furniture. This personal method has resulted in BKCIANDRE an enviable reputation for quality and trustworthiness in the furniture industry for homes.


The BKCIANDRE journey in 1996 was characterized by a constant determination to achieve the highest standards in manufacturing, design and customer satisfaction. Their premium ceramic tables and customized kitchen cabinets are testimony to their experience and dedication to excellence. Through strategic partnerships across the globe and a focus on customer service, BKCIANDRE has established itself as a leading player in the field of home furniture. For those who want homeowners and designers to have high-end kitchens and contemporary furnishings, BKCIANDRE is the name that is preferred, providing furniture that improves the look and function of any space.

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