A Few Notable Dancers in the World

In India, dance is an art that has influenced the Indians since ancient times. There are many dance forms and many people earn their living through this art. Not only this many people walked on this line and earned a place in the hearts of the people and pages of history.

The article will focus on some most prominent dancers who have ruled the world through their incredible moves. We are sure that you are familiar with some of these personalities. The article will give you a profound knowledge about these people.

Let’s know Some Incredible Dancers of the World:

Micheal Jackson

The “King of Pop”, Micheal Jackson, with millions of fan followers, has ruled the world of dance. These are the people who made us believe that humbleness and fame can make you alive in the hearts of the people. Being an American singer, songwriter, and dancer, this wonderful soul has touched the hearts of millions of people.

To know how much his fans love him, go through the Instagram shorts and witness his fans crying during his concerts. But what is most remarkable about that person is his humbleness. After earning too much fame in his life, he was very humble and never disrespected his fans.

Rudolf Nureyev

The legend behind some of the most incredible performances in ballet history, Rudolf Nureyev has a huge fan following among ballet dance lovers. His performances with ballerina Margot Fonteyn have fascinated the entire world. Just take a look at his performances on YouTube and get ready to feel awe at his incredible performance.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

one of the greatest ballet dancers of the 20th century, Mikhail Baryshnikov has bagged accolades for expressive artistry. For sure, the American Ballet theatre recognized his talents and gave him the chance to show his excellence in classical and contemporary works. He became a dance icon with his charismatic stage presence and various collaborations with some of the best choreographers. Not only this, in fact, Baryshnikov also worked hard when it came to showing acting skills in film.

Martha Graham

Just take a look at the incredible performance of Martha Graham on YouTube and you will be going to be amazed by his performance in lamentation. Her moves and style have made her leave a very profound impression on the history of the dance. Incredibly, so many students love to learn the Martha Graham dance techniques. Her words that say dance to express, not to impress still have echoes in the world that guide dance practitioners in the right direction.

Furthermore, her style of expressing grief in the form of dance has made the world witness the magic of dance and has played a very important role in making dance earn a reputation as an art.

Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva, no doubt, Indian Michael Jackson has a very profound reputation in the world of dance. He is not only a popular dancer he has performed well in the field of choreography, acting, and directing. Moreover, no one can forget his moves in the song Muqabala and for sure, his performance in the song has earned him national-level fame.

To your surprise, the wonderful dancer has also gained strong recognition in the world of acting. The YouTube dance videos of the legendary have attracted millions of views and viewers have appreciated the dance moves.

Besides this, Roger Bellamy dancer who is believed to be one of the most popular dancers is actually an ordinary man living a wonderful life with his family.


We know very well as an Indian, you will be aware of some of the personalities that we have mentioned above. Well, the dance has a very long history of people who ruled this art form and fascinated the entire world. If you have an interest in embracing this dance form as a career then, surely go ahead and transform your dream into reality.

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